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Von Schweikert VR-6

Beschrijving / Description

The VR-6's are a full range stacking tower system. Each speaker weighs 175lbs and has a very futuristic look to them. I have had comments saying they looked like they were right out of the terminator movie. They look similar to the Wilson Grand Slamm speakers. They are very nicely finished in a dark cherry satin wood finish. The "cheeks" not only add to the distinct looks, but provide additional resonance control. The midrange/tweeter module sits on top of Black diamond racing cones. The BD pads are in the woofer module, recessed a couple of inches below the top.
The M/T module has 3 carbon fibre racing cones that sit on the pads to isolate any resonance from the woofer module. This also allows some horizontal adjustments and they also have vertical adjustments for the M/T module.
The driver compliment consists of:
2 - 9" Cast Eaton woofers
2 - 5.25" woven carbon fibre Audax midrange drivers
2 - focal titainium tweeters. One is rear fired for ambiance control.
The VR-6's use a 4th order crossover network and have a 96DB sensitivity rating. Seperate cross-overs are provided for bi-amping or bi-wire. The rear firing tweeter has an ambiance control to fine tune the soundstage.

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Specificaties / Specifications

AIR (Acoustic Inversion Replication)
GAIN with DRI. Blend points
Two piece Stacking
2 - 9" cast frame woofers with aluminum and kevlar honeycomb cones, 600 watt peak power dissipation
2 - 5.5" woven carbon fiber, cast basket, ribbon edge-wound voice coil and a Norsorex surround, hand made, picked for reference grade frequency response
1 - Titanium inverse dome with Ferrofluid cooling
1 - Titanium inverse dome with Ferrofluid cooling
20hz - 35kHz -3db (+/- 1dB in midrange)
4ohm nominal
96dB @ 1 watt, 1 meter
Minimum - 5 watts rms
Peak - 500 watts
Natural High gloss cherry hardwood
52" x 16" x 23"
Bass Module 110lbs Midrange Treble 65lbs

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€ 4.989,00 (per set)
(excl. € 44,00 verzendkosten)