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Vyda Laboratories Orion XLR 1.2m


VYDA Laboratories have made quite the splash in a relatively short time. No doubt that has been edged forward by the uptake of the companys flagship products by one of America's premier high-end loudspeaker manufacturers. But this is no mere endorsement for the sake of mutual logistical or commercial advantages these are true 'friends with benefits' in terms of complimentary sonic advantages. That of course, carries across to performance excellence on a wider scale - in fact, I'd say an almost universal degree. The Orion cables will perform extraordinarily well in just about any system context.


100% insulation of both hot and cold poles obtained with three layers of shielding;
signal to noise ratio of 0.2 mV@-65dB;
interaction ratio between poles: -80 dB;
interaction ratio poles/shield: -75 dB @2V;
propagation celerity at the refractometer: 85%;
very low capacitance and inductance (0.01Mhom/m 50 pF/m);
dielectric insulation with pure cotton fibres (low spurious capacitance index 1.2);
solid core silver and copper conductors (99.999%) cryogenically treated with liquid nitrogen (15 minutes contact time).



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