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Vyda Orion Silver Line Cable 4m

Beschrijving / Description

The interconnections between sources, preamplifiers and amplifiers, need dedicated cables for transfer a low level signal, generally 2-5 volts nominal, but with dynamic peaks of even 20 volts and also micro signals of the transfer order a few millivolts. The audio signal has amplitude and impulsive frequencies (musical program) and it must be reproduced faithfully, especially in the time domain, therefore of the phase, the most difficult parameter to keep under control.

The conductor must be of primary quality and with physico chemical characteristics close to the ideal hypothetical cable or dielectric, to increase the purity of the transfer without losses and with low temporal jitter. Our cables are made only and exclusively with pure cotton dielectric, so as to guarantee low parasitic capacity and high propagation speed, the poles are made with a very effective electromagnetic shield, with a thickness covering 100% of the conductor surfaces, so as to avoid the electronic jump by migration in the high frequency dynamic peaks. Our conductors are made in pure silver 99.999% and treated to our specifications.

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Specificaties / Specifications

RCA 4 meters

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€ 3.490,00