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Wilson Benesch ARC

Beschrijving / Description

The Wilson Benesch Arc Loudspeaker, is a superb sounding standmount speaker that embodies the advanced carbon fiber A.C.T. monocoque construction, Tactic driver and Tweeter of the more expensive models in Wilson Benesch's Odyssey range. The substantial stand is designed to accomodate dual bottom firing ports.
Lab measurements are hugely impressive; 46Hz to 24kHz +- 2dB on axis, 200 watts peak unclipped programme, 111dB at 1 metre maximum spl. These alone are today's industry standards even though the ARC was launched in 2002. These are of course just numbers. What gives the ARC its thoroughly engaging sound lies in its construction.

Except for the modified Scan-Speak silk dome Revelator tweeter, all components used in the Arc Loudspeaker are made in-house by Wilson Benesch - right down to the spikes and nuts on the binding posts. Advanced materials are used in the cabinets, cross-over and Tactic bass/midrange driver. Steel, aluminum alloys, carbon fiber composites and lossy adhesives used in the cabinets effectively eliminate resonance so the sound remains clean especially at higher volume levels, where the coloration present in regular wooden cabinets begins to significantly obscure the original sound.

The IsoTactic Polypropylene diaphragm material is also unique to Wilson Benesch. Unlike regular homogeneous resin materials, the tactic driver uses a woven Polypropylene sandwich. In the central core, the long chain polymer molecules can still move, while both outer zones are thermo set for stiffness - the perfect self damping diaphragm material for purity of tone. The basket is cast alloy and designed for minimal interference with the air-flow behind the diaphragm, and high power magnets are used for excellent transient response.

The "Tactic Bass-Midrange" is directly connected to the amplifier and a simple minimal component second order cross-over rolls off the tweeter at 5KHz, above the most critical mid-band frequencies. This true linear phase design manifests as a thoroughly seamless throughout the frequency spectrum sound with noticebly precise imaging. All musical events and notes are clearly defined without smear with good speed. The Wilson Benesch Arc Loudspeakers will reveal musical detail and interpretation previously un-noticed.

These Wilson Benesch Arc Loudspeakers are hand-built.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Height 310 mm 950 mm
Width 230 mm
Depth 370 mm
Weight 20 kg avec pied
Power 200W peak
Efficiency 88 db
Impedance 6 ohm
Bandwidth 46Hz to 24kHz +- 2dB
Bass 170 mm
Tweeter 25 mm soft dome

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€ 2.390,00 (per set)