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Yamaha NS-F901

Beschrijving / Description

Yamaha's long tradition of excellence in speaker design is brought to full fruition with the NS-F901 floorstanding speaker. This impressive speaker delivers incredibly transparent sound from all types of data-rich, high resolution sound sources. Using innovative design techniques and the highest quality materials, it is a truly superior speaker.

Soavo Concept: Delivering Natural Sound.
New A-PMD Midrange reproduces high resolution sources with richly clear detailed sound.
New A-PMD Woofer provides low range reproduction with abundant power and responsiveness.
Aluminum dome tweeter with DC-Diaphragm with neodymium magnet.
Innovative cabinet design (non-parallel surfaces).
Three-way mitered-joint construction.
Two-chamber cabinet (woofer and midrange separated by slanted partition) with vertical bracing.
Highest quality parts including Solen capacitors in the networks.

Soavo Concept: Delivering Natural Sound
Soavo speakers are created by Yamaha based on our long history and rich experience, including over 125 years of making musical instruments and more than half a century of making speakers. In order to reproduce new high resolution sound sources with the highest quality, the NS-901 series feature new speaker units and undergo extensive sound quality tuning to further refine their expressive capabilities. You can be sure these speakers will deliver all the aural excitement that music and movies have to offer.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Type 3-Way Bass-Reflex Floor-Standing Speaker System
Woofers Dual 16 cm (6-1/2 inch) Advanced PMD cone
MidRange Driver 13 cm (5 inch) Advacned PMD cone
Tweeter 3 cm (1 inch) aluminium dome
Frequency Response 32 Hz-50 kHz
Nominal Input Power 50 W
Maximum Input Power 200 W
Sensitivity 89 dB / 2.83 V/1 m
Crossover Frequencies 450 Hz / 3.5 kHz
Impedance 6 ohms
Dimensions (W x H x D) 270 x 1,060 x 425 mm
Weight 30.7 kg; 67 lbs./unit

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