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Accuphase AD-20

Beschrijving / Description

Phono uitbreiding voor verschillende Accuphase modellen.
Let op! controleer of vraag ons of uw model compatible is met deze optie.

AD-20 High- performance phono equalizer amp for playback of analog records.
MC/MM switching is possible on the front panel of the enabled device.
Internal DIP switches control MC input impedance and subsonic filter on/off.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Input for playback of signals from analog record player. Incorporates highperformance, high-gain phono equalizer.
Supports MM and MC cartridges
Input impedance switching and subsonic filter
Compatible models:
AD-20: C-2000, C-245, C-265, CX-260, E-307, E-308, E-407, E-408, E-530, E-550

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