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Beschrijving / Description

When you hear the first note of your favourite tunes with natural purity, it's a feeling you'll never forget. It's the feeling of the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. The feeling that your favourite bands are right there with you. This is the AMR AM-77.

An amp's job is simple to enhance your enjoyment of music. However, many don't, making your audio sound unnatural and bleached. Not anymore. The AM-77 drives even the most difficult of loudspeakers and addresses poor sound by injecting: Speed, Rhythm, Life via a fusion of valve and solid-state tech, into every vocal and instrument, allowing you to enjoy live music every time.

180W Solid-State Power Buffer with unique error correction circuit
Ultra Transparent OptiLevel Volume Control
OptiGain Pure Class A all Valve Preamplifier
Block Diagram for AMR's AM-77: Pre-Main Amplifier

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Specificaties / Specifications

Inputs 5 x RCA
1 x XLR Bal. shared with 1 RCA
1 X iPod shared with 1 RCA
Volume Control 71dB - 0dB in 1dB steps + Mute
Input Sensitivity (IHF 2.83V Out)/Impedance < 0.05V / >20KOhm
Power Output (IHF Dynamic Power) 270 watts per channel at 8 ohm (FTC) 180 watts per channel at 8 ohm
Output impedance 0.5 ohm, 20-20,000 Hz
Frequency Response (-1dB) 10Hz - 50kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio A-weighted >100dB
Operational Modes Pre-Main amplifier mode
Power amplifier mode
Monoblock option
Unlimited AM-77s may be synchronised
Thermionic Electron Valves 5687/6900 (NOS) amplification stage
Power Transformer 1200VA Custom Double C Core
Power Supply Capacitance 108,000uF per Channel
Dimensions 17.9in W by 6.2in H by 18.3in D, 46cm W by 16cm H by 47cm D
Weight Amplifier 75lbs / 34kg,




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