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Bowers And Wilkins DM2

Beschrijving / Description

A bookshelf type monitor speaker system.

In the low range, it is equipped with DW200 which is a 20 cm cone type woofer using BX (Bextrene Cone) cone.

This unit was designed with special attention to the important mid-frequency and distortion characteristics. In addition to the 150 mmBX cone with a 54 mm center dome, it uses an aluminum bobbin that can withstand large input, a 38 mm voice coil with special plastic processing, and a high-compliance rubber edge to improve the mid-frequency linearity and input resistance.

The high-frequency range is equipped with the HF1300, a 3.5 cm dome type tweeter that is also used in BBC monitor speakers.

A 1.8 cm dome type super tweeter is installed in the super high band.

In the network section, phase correction and impedance correction are applied to the high-pass portion of the high-frequency range, and cutoff characteristics of 18dB/oct. are adopted.

The enclosure employs B & W's unique Acoustic Line Load System (ALL), which extends low-frequency characteristics and reduces total harmonic distortion and Doppler distortion compared to conventional load systems.

The ALL system is a kind of back-load type, but unlike the conventional back-load type and labyrinth type, it is an extremely short inverted horn type. Moreover, three different types of sound absorbing materials are packed inside the horn. The horn length is designed to be 1/8 of the wavelength. It suppresses the 30 Hz to 60 Hz cone excursion and uses the frequency characteristics of this band. In addition, the unnecessary mid-range energy on the back of the DW200 is attenuated by three types of sound absorbing materials, combined with the high-density chipboard enclosure, to minimize coloring and unnecessary sound in the mid-range and low range.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Method 3-way / 3-speaker / ALL System / Bookshelf Type
Unit For Low Band : 20 cm Cone Type (DW200)
For High Range : 3.5 cm Cone Type (HF1300)
For Super High Range : 1.8 cm Dome Type
Frequency characteristic 35 Hz to 25 kHz
Max Input 60W
Impedance 8 Ohm
Output sound pressure level 90dB(SPL)
Crossover frequency 2.5 kHz, 12 kHz
External dimensions Width 352x Height 644x Depth 345 mm
Weight 23kg




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