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VTL TL-5.5

Beschrijving / Description

The VTL TL-5.5 owes much of its performance/value pedigree to developmental work done on the VTL TL-2.5 line stage, from which it descends. The two triode line stages share a number of features: toroidal power transformers, robust power supplies for each gain stage, gold-plated RCA jacks, a glass-fiber circuit board with heavy copper traces, chassis of 16-gauge stainless steel, relay switching, and a laser-trimmed Alps remote volume control. In other ways, the 5.5 represents a significant advance over the 2.5.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Tube Complement: Four 12AT7 and two 12AX7
Inputs: Six single ended line inputs, two RCA Processor / Tape in
Outputs: One pair XLR Balanced, two pairs Single-ended RCA, two pairs Processor / Tape Out
Remote Control Functions: Volume, Mute and Phase Inversion
THD: 20Hz to 20kHz at 0.01%
Gain: 20dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 109dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz (+- 0.1dB), 1Hz to 60kHz (+0, -3dB)
Maximum Output Voltage: 45 Volts
Gain: 20dB
Input Impedance: 100Kohms
Channel Separation: 75dB at 1 KHz
MM Phono Stage: Tubes used are two 12AT7, two 12AX7; 45dB gain; load impedance is 47Kohms; S/N 85dB
MC Phono Stage: tubes used are two 12AT7 and four 12AX7; 68dB of gain; load impedance 300ohms; S/N 70dB
Power Consumption : 150 watts
Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 4 (WxHxD in inches)
Weight: 27 lbs.

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Prijs            € 3.790,00
           Incl. tube phono stage!